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Introduction To Pokémon Crystal Game.

While most people only started paying attention to the world of Pokémon after Pokémon Go blew up, the die-hard fans will know that Nintendo have been creating quality games for years now and, as of February 2016, they had already sold a combined 279 million copies, with nearly twenty different titles.

Pokémon Crystal is one of these games and after being launched in 2001, a lot of people are starting to revisit it. It was the sixth Pokémon game to be released back then and it is an updated version of the popular “Gold and silver” Game, which was released the year before Crystal.


How does it differ from Gold and Silver?

As I mentioned above, Crystal is a slightly updated version of G&S, bringing with it a lot of great updates and new features. A good example of that is the addition of a new character, Eusine, whose goal is to fight the player (You) in order to gain Suicune’s appreciation.

There are also a few changes with one of the legendary characters, Suicune, such as the fact that he can now be found at multiple locations across the city, adding to the gameplay and variety that Gold and Silver slightly lacked. After you meet Suicune at each and every location, you are then able to battle him at the Tin Tower.

Players are also able to talk to a radio host of a new show, Buena, if they successfully remember the password from her show, allowing them to receive points that can be exchanged for various prizes. This is just another example of the small, yet powerful, ways that Pokémon Crystal is so much better than its predecessor, Gold and Silver.

In order to catch Ho-Oh you first have to capture Suicune and the other two legendary beasts, Entei and Raikou and reach the prestigious level sixty, where you can also catch Lugia.

Fun Facts:

  • It was the very first Pokémon game to feature moving Sprites, a feature which is now featured in pretty much every Pokémon game.
  • This was the very first Pokémon game that let you select a female character as well as a male character, which reminds you about just how old this game is.

Download the Best Pokemon Crystal Roms

Pokemon Crystal Roms

If you crave some Pokémon fighting action on your PC or mobile device, then what you need is a ROM and an emulator in order to enjoy your games anywhere you go. Downloading a Pokemon Crystal ROM is a good idea, especially if you don’t want to have to lug an outdated Gameboy Color around with you.


What is a ROM?

Put simply; ROMs let you run a console game on your computer, tablet, phone, or other device. You’ll also need to find an “emulator” which is compatible with the operating system and device you currently possess.

Afterward, you just set your controls in the emulator’s menu, load the game, and you’ve got yourself a perfect copy of the game that’ll run on whichever device you prefer without having to go through the hassle of acquiring new console hardware.


Why Use a Pokemon Crystal ROM?

There’s a lot of advantages offered by ROMs; most people already have a phone or computer around which can run a good emulation program, and the old Gameboy Colors were kind of bulky compared to modern devices.

There are some unique advantages to emulation as well, one of the coolest is a “save state” feature that most emulators have. You can save the game at literally any point, and reload it with a couple of button presses in order to avoid dialogue before a gym fight and having to walk back from the nearest Pokecenter.


How to Get Started

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a reputable emulator which can run on the device you’re planning on using. Emulation has been around for a long time, and there’s a stunning amount of different ones out there, but for the most part they all work the same. The main thing to check for is compatibility with your device.

You’ll also need to source the Pokemon Crystal ROM online. The problem is less with finding a ROM and more with making sure that you end up with a solid one that’s free of malware. You’ll find it’s especially prominent with older sites, as they were one of the most common ways to pass them in the old days.

Just make sure you run the usual precautions, and you’ll be fine. Emulators can generally be found right from their developer and run a much smaller risk.

The latest version of the ROM is 1.1, but the changes made to the game itself were pretty minor. They mostly consisted of cleaning up a few audio and graphics glitches that weren’t noticed by the majority of players.

Emulators are usually pretty self-explanatory when it comes to running the game, you’ll need to load the ROM itself while within the emulation software, and the game will pop right up, and you can play as usual. If you’re using a computer, you can set the controls up however you like, but the majority of phone and tablet apps will have a touch screen interface resembling the device you can easily use.


Give it a shot; it’s easy to find a Pokemon Crystal ROM and get playing within minutes.